Our mission

We focus on the helping manufacturers to identify and engage sales channels like sales representative and distributors. Since most manufacturers don’t sell directly to OEMs, they use a marketing channel to distribute their products, whether it’s a sales representative or distributors, we help to facilitate that by providing manufacturers advice, training and marketing ideas.

We are committed to bridge the cultural difference between East and the West, building trust among manufacturers and channels.


Our values

Our daily work is inspired by our values. We share years of experience with clients and coaching them by problem solving, fielding experience and sharing.

  • People: We connect channels by sharing their concerns.
  • Passion: We bring values that means somethings to our partners.
  • Sustainability: We build relationships that last for decades.

Our Clients products

We always select our clients with great care. We will do factory audit to ensure their product quality and reliability. Most of our clients products are of industrial grade and build to last.

Our OEM customers

We serve our OEM customers with pride and provide them the cost effective component solutions and they love our clients products and our pre-sales and aftersales service.